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Now there is a Gold Price Chart to match your 7 second attention span!

Don’t sift through mindless mainstream media babble,
Alternative Media rueful observations & intellectual conjecture, and lots and lots of online precious metals opinion,
because when it comes to the price of Gold – You’re either a Gold Bug or a Gold Bear – and there’s not much room for reflection in between...


Gold Price Future Predictions mashes the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Gold Forecast into simple gold charts available as scaleable images and PDFs.

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Our clear and simple charting means that at a glance you can see where the price of gold will be next week, next month, 2014, 2020, and the future, and WHY.

Gold Price Future Predictions helps you understand uncertainty, volatility, the value of gold in relation to paper currencies, and the big questions of how and when will gold and silver will catch up after being kicked down the list of top financial assets after being on top of the pile for over several thousand years.