Gold Price 2013 into 2014 Predictions

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2013 is a year that many Gold Bugs would like to close with a financial calamity to really sink the hyper-up over-valued stock markets and unleash the coiled spring under the suppressed / massaged gold price.
And, Santa Claus is real. He exists to make life better, and even he will help with returning sound logic to the world of money, wealth, stability and personal fortune, and quell the currency wars raging around us.
On the other hand, I’m not a journalist, I can’t be fired from my own virtual publication, and between now and 31st December, shit can happen – Any Black Swan can come along and claw at the face of any asset class that thinks’ itself Anti-Fragile and above the whims of Bull Herd.

2013 is ending with Nothing but Confusion, so 2014 Should see some Fireworks...

Market Watch links gold price and tapering on such a regular basis, even I am beginning to believe it. One is real, one is not. One works as a store of wealth, the other as a get rich now scheme for the well connected.
Some believe QE to Infinity, some that it will be snuffed out.
Others believe that BitCoin is a Ponzi Scheme, or conjured up by dark forces.
The Paper Mache Gold Price Scheme may have exhausted itself and will switch magnetic poles (short to long) and a big player will now start taking the gold price higher via COMEX.

All this confusion is probably good for gold, because confusion is the chaos required to pull the curtain down to reveal the Wizard of Oz.

Gold in 2014 will be re-set, to the upside, because the pressures keeping it down so far are all temporary.

And, the elephant in the room is China’s play on the Currency Wars.
2014 could be there year of decision, because after all, who wants to make any important moves in a year with the number “13” in it?