gold 2014

Emerging Markets, Bank Runs, Roasted PIIGS, and Dead FX Bankers

Emerging Markets and Runs on Banks

Well, we don’t have your money Sir, because we lent out to the guy behind you (in the very long queue that stretches out to the street – all of the serfs “wishing” to withdraw their savings to stash under the Ikea mattresses).

Banks runs are back in Thailand - Wall Street Journal.


The Glitch in the Matrix is the Manipulation of the Paper Price of Gold

The Matrix” hooked people into the concept that nothing is real, everything is a simulation, and if you knew the truth, you must choose to believe and submit to it, or fight it – All fine and dandy when you’re sitting on a sofa with a friendly cat sitting in your lap, watching The Matrix on a big screen TV (bought on credit).



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